THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB is made up of young promises, active professional players, legends and regular members. Club House conversations always revolve around the same topics, players, games, technique, shots, results, anecdotes, etc.


Among the most important members of the club is "The Founder", (it is said that he was with Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1873 when the foundations of tennis were laid), who in each image gives us very interesting information about the history of this beautiful sport.


THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB, a wonderful way to express tennis through a unique series of NFTs.

 THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB collection Drop is scheduled for October 6th. 2023 at 4 PM GMT. Holders of V.I.P. Memberships will have access to the advance sale with all the benefits that it entails.