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I dedicate my work to athletes and people that are sources of inspiration and examples of overcoming adversity, proof that going the extra mile changes the ordinary to extraordinary.
When working on sport figures MY goal is to capture that special moment where the elite athlete knows that he is on the verge of triumph and where this extra effort will fulfill the dreams for which he has prepared himself during a lifetime.
Since the beginning of my career, the use of recycled materials has been a constant in my work. I have taken this to a whole other level in my latest production where the whole work is based on taking magazines that were destined for landfills and giving them another life as collages.
​ The collage technique that I use is the result of years of searching for my artistic identity in a constant evolution reaching for excellence. My work doesn’t need a statement or any after-work input to explain itself, it is meant to be appreciate as it is, for their aesthetic attributes. It will not tell a story, each one of the characters in my artworks has already his/her own big story.