THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB is made up of 11,600 unique images that live on the Ethereum blockchain. An exclusive collection of NFT hand made by Ernesto Ruiz Bry, where digital and traditional art are combined.


Four different types of Membership (priority access to advance purchase and other exclusive benefits), free NFTs, free tickets to ATP/WTA tennis events, free Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, unlockable content, vote in club matters, (i/e: NFTs future picks), raffles, discount on artworks, clothing and accessories, are some examples of how much this collection has to offer.

NFTs have instantly turned into an unstoppable force over the past year. They now appear to carry the entire crypto market ahead even when the rest of the crypto ecosystem is confused. NFTs are speedily moving on, showing vital signs of growth.


As a result, unique NFTs and digital collections have shown huge traction in the crypto news space, this occurred when prices began going ballistic, reaching millions of dollars.

They have the potential to become more valuable than what it is currently reflecting, a new digital niche entirely based on NFTs is growing as we speak.


Although the advantages of pre-sale are very interesting, the real benefit of this offer is in having priority access to an exclusive limited artwork with great possibilities of revaluation in the short term in an innovative market.


The official launch of the "THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB" NFTs collection is scheduled for October 6th al 4:00 PM GMT. only a privileged few will have the option to acquire these unique tokens at preferential prices with exclusive benefits.