There are four types of V.I.P. Limited Membership in The Tennis Pro-Tour Club, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Membership itself is an NFTs and allows to acquire, free of charge, any of the NFTs in the collection, up to an amount equal to the membership.


E.g., with a Platinum Membership (1 ETH.)  we can get one 1-1 Single Edition NFT (value 0.75 ETH) plus one 1-2 Limited Edition NFT (value 0.25 ETH.) or four 1-2 Limited Edition NFTs, (0.25 ETH x 4 = 1 ETH) or twenty 1-6 Limited Edition NFT (value 0.050 ETH each) or any combination we wish, as long as we stay within the Membership price. 


Although all Membership offer interesting benefits, such as gifts, discounts, participation in club activities, free NFTs, etc., the main point about membership is the access to NFT pre-sale and early reservation. Once you have your membership, you can reserve your NFTs, and they will be in your wallet as soon as the Drop starts.


Selling, transferring or giving away the Member NFT Badge implies the transfer of the Membership.