Crypto Currency payment


Using cryptocurrency is the most common way to buy NFT art, you need to have a virtual wallet that allows you to carry out transactions with this type of currency in the so-called decentralized networks or blockchain. “THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB” collection is marketed on the Open Sea platform, the first and most reputable in the NFT world, it uses the Etherum currency, created mainly for transactions with NFTs. 


The wallet must be compatible with the currency that minted the NFT you want to buy, in this case Ethereum, so you can use Metamask,, Ether Wallet or some of those recommended in the section dedicated to Crypto Wallets in this site.


Once you have enough Etherum in your wallet, you must go to OpenSea, click the wallet icon, select the wallet you are using, and you are logged in. Look for your favorite “THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB” NFT and select the option of your choice.



Traditional payment


For those who prefer to continue using traditional payment systems, “THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB” collection (only Limited Edition NFTs) is also available at which accepts Credit and Debit Card payments as well as virtual wallets.


The buying procedure is similar, but you will have to create an account and a security  code will be sent to your email each time you want to log in.   Buying and Selling | Help Center.