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Welcome to the portfolio of Ernesto Ruiz Bry

One of the defining characteristics of Ruiz Bry is the variation in his style, drawn from the regions he has called home: the Vulcans of the Canary Islands, the history of Aquitaine in France, the deserts of the Middle East, the colors of Haiti, and now the boiling energy of Miami and New York.
From the beginning you can see Ruiz Bry's connection with Mother Nature through his creative application of recycled materials, a theme that is prominent in his latest works.
Since an early age art has been his world, his grandfather and his aunt were painters and sculptors respectively. Postmodernism, Photorealism and Pop Art are among the movements that have influenced Ruiz Bry’s art.
Ruiz Bry’s innovative exploration of collage as a medium is a complete 180° from his style. He was inspired when a collector asked him to do a painting of his daughter, although Ruiz Bry doesn’t usually do commissions, he used this as an opportunity to do something different creating his first full collage.
His work has been exhibited internationally in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, United States, France, Spain, Kuwait, Montecarlo, and many more.
He has earned numerous awards in Europe and the Americas and his art is in galleries and collections around the world