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NFTs, as well as crypto currencies, offer an interesting alternative to the stock market, which is currently going through times of great volatility. It could be considered a risky investments like the Stock Market but being innovative they offer much greater potential. Although NFTs have been on the market for more than a decade, their explosion has occurred in 2021, showing revaluations never thought possible, where hundreds of thousands of digital artworks have exceeded the five and six digits, in many cases reaching millions of dollars, with expectations of outperforming the Cryptocurrency market.


In 2021, the NFT market had exceed forty-one billion dollars and the trend is that it will exceed the total of the world fine art market. The great advantage of NFTs over traditional investments is that the investor becomes the owner of a unique artwork, and in the case of "THE TENNIS PRO-TOUR CLUB", in addition to what has already been explained, the investment is accompanied by different benefits such as free NFTs, unlockable content, Fine Art Print reproductions in 1/1 edition, signed and numbered, discount codes in apparel, accessories and Giclee prints related to the collection, making them something unique in the NFT market.





NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token,” it is a digital representation of an item, especially digital artworks. It is a record of ownership of a particular work of art in the decentralized ledger network – blockchain technology. These tokens are unique, each containing distinctive information that makes them different from other similar NFTs, but easily verifiable on the blockchain.


NFTs are the new trend in the art world market, digital assets that are conquering the Internet and marking a before and after in collecting. In addition to being the new collectibles, they seriously compete with Crypto-currencies and have become an alternative refuge for investors in these times of market volatility. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase believes that the NFT Marketplace will outperform the Cryptocurrency business in his company. Recently, celebrities and influential figures have started to join the trend making the NFT art market to continue to grow in popularity.





As the footage of NFT is still growing, specialists believe that it can change the old markets for artists and collectors. On the other hand, to ensure support in the emerging domain of NFTs, you need an NFT wallet as a vital tool. Also, it is especially important to know NFT wallets and other essential features of NFT wallets before using them. Briefly, NFT wallets are digital wallets that help support NFT and cryptos in one place. In addition, the wallets allow you to get new assets alongside buying things with the assets in your ownership. The broad surge in NFT investments has also led to the growth of functionalities in NFT wallets for storing the NFT art after minting or acquiring.


Interestingly, an NFT wallet does not have the assets in a digital version of a relevant bank account. In contrast, the wallet only stores the data about the location of your assets on the blockchain. So now, you would come to the other tasks of finding an NFT wallet to fulfill your needs best. Besides, all NFT wallets have various features. But you have to know the primary factors to avoid any confusion.





Each NFT wallet will have a set of unique traits that you will find more or less valuable for your type of usage. However, various essentials should always include:


● High Security

Because NFTs are so valuable, you need to find the most secure NFT wallet possible. Moreover, the best wallet for NFT typically provides more security options, such as 2-factor authentication, a link to a hardware wallet, and more.


● User-friendly

The wallet’s primary goal is to improve the user activity when managing NFTs, despite your skill level. Additionally, because of NFTs’ nature, they can visualize their artworks within the wallet. These traits will allow you to modify them at a glance and help you immensely when managing your collections.


● Multi-platform

A wallet that can synchronize between desktop and smartphone will allow you to control your NFTs more efficiently. So first, you will be ready to mint NFTs from the comfort and safety of your desktop. And second, you can buy and sell NFTs on the go through a smartphone. Also, this can be valuable when seeking newly released NFT with big profit potential.


● Cross-chain Compatibility

It is undeniable that most of the NFT market resides on the Ethereum blockchain. However, opposing networks like Solana and the Binance Smart Chain become popular homes for NFTs. Therefore, a wallet that will allow you to manage NFTs across various blockchains will make your life easier by preventing you from swapping between multiple wallet apps.





The fast growth of the NFT space has led to the notable rise of the most famous NFT wallets. At the same time, this aspect has also resulted in many complexities for NFT users. Here are the favorite NFT wallets you can use upon entering the world of NFTs.


● Metamask

The leading choice for the top NFT wallet is MetaMask. It started as a browser extension that allows direct connections between users and decentralized applications, in 2020 the founding firm, ConsenSys, launched the mobile version of Metamask with unique features.


The mobile version allows the NFT token collections with a simple interface while interacting with other decentralized applications. To clarify, Metamask helps users create an Ethereum wallet directly connected with all Ethereum-based platforms for minting and trading.


As a result, Metamask has become one of the most famous NFT wallets for its distinct benefits. First of all, it offers good ease of setup alongside synchronizing activities throughout mobile and web extensions. Finally, the MetaMask mobile version comprises a browser for exploring DeFi applications and NFTs.


● Coinbase

The reputation of Coinbase Wallet as one of the top NFT wallets comes from the fact that it is great for novices. Instead of using public wallet addresses, Coinbase allows users to send and receive NFTs using only the usernames. The usernames ensure the compliance of NFT transactions and is similar to a PayPal transaction.


Beginners would not suffer from any trouble in dealing NFTs with the Coinbase Wallet. Also, the Coinbase Wallet proposes support for top crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, and ERC-20 tokens. Furthermore, the ideal is to suit the NFT wallet for beginners. Coinbase Wallet also claims a user-friendly app that helps hold your assets. As a result, you are less likely to lose rights to digital assets in your possession with Coinbase Wallet.


● AlphaWallet

AlphaWallet is an open-source Ethereum-based blockchain wallet and supports minting NFTs and collecting them. In addition, AlphaWallet directly supported some applications, including Chainz Arena, OpenSea, CryptoKitties, and many others.


The AlphaWallet app also secures deals with all assets based on Ethereum. Some experts of AlphaWallet also point out the fact that it is available only on a mobile. However, the website offers a broad range of open-source tools to help businesses, art creators, and developers benefit from several variations of blockchain-related tokenization.


● Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a well-known mobile wallet fit for NFT collectors with more than five million users. In addition, users can browse a list of decentralized apps toward marketplaces on Trust Wallet. It ensures one-click access to sites such as Axie Infinity, OpenSea, and others.


It can help users’ assets store and manage them on the platform, even if Trust Wallet does not allow NFT transfers. Additionally, Trust Wallet provides native integration for renowned public chains like Ethereum Classic and Binance Smart Chain. The one-click access serves as its most promising strength to NFT applications in Trust Wallet. In addition, the harmony with several blockchain networks could open up added chances in the long run.





● Never share your 12-word passphrase. 

Your mnemonic phrase is the secret key to your wallet, it gives full access to your assets and always keeps them private. Do not share it with anyone online and avoid sending it through an email and even hold it in a digital file on your PC or mobile phone. It is much better to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it offline at all times.


● Store your mnemonic phrase somewhere safe. 

In addition to writing it down offline, you should store your piece of paper securely, for example, in a safe fireproof and waterproof box or even a safety deposit box. For additional protection, you can even laminate it to protect it from damage.


● Enhance your security with a hardware wallet. 

You can add 2-factor authentication to MetaMask by connecting it to a hardware wallet such as Tresor or Ledger. Through a hardware wallet, even if your wallet phrase gets hacked, the hacker cannot spend your funds without access to the physical device.





As of now, we are at the heart of a huge change as far as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are concerned. The year 2021 has shown the world how prominent financial prospects have a huge interest in NFTs. it is important to note that we are in the initial phase of a completely new and revolutionary market for investing, collecting and trading.